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October 2009

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Love Poems

     These poems are at least 2-3 years old.  I wrote the first two when I was in the process of falling in love with Jay. The third was written about a year later.  My poems are more like lyrics, I guess.  They are old fashioned in that they rhyme and have a sort of rhythmic structure.  They could easily be set to music.  I am not able to compose melodies, but I have been known to hook up my poems with traditional tunes to make songs out of them, like Roberts Burns and Tannahill.  Not that my poetry compares to theirs in any other way.  I'm just a dabbler.

Everything is Different

I'm taking my time making up my mind.
Really want to get it right this time.
I've been on my own so long,
Got used to singing a lonely song.
But now you're here, there's no more fear
And everything is different.

Dancing alone, living the blues,
Then I looked up & I saw you
Out on the dance floor, diggin' the tune,
Bopping around--an uninhibited loon.
The glint in your eye told me you were the guy
And now everything is different.

No one ever loved me who could give me what I need.
I always used to think that if you love you have to bleed.
But now you're here beside me, & my heart is like a rose
In a garden, gently tended, where the peaceful water flows.

You're funny & sexy & gentle & wise.
Your poor old heart's been as blue as your eyes.
But you're brave as a lion & strong as a bear,
And I feel safe knowing you'll always be there.
You're the one & now life is fun
Because everything is different.

     This next poem is about making the emotional transition from the man I was carrying a torch for before I met Jay.


I have a man so kind & true
He holds me while I cry about you.
He keeps me warm & dry & fed,
And knocks my socks off in his bed.
He takes me places, buys me things,
Like shoes & lingerie & rings.
He makes me laugh & loves me right
And holds me close all through the night.
He's there when I need him; he's there till the end.
So now I guess you're just my friend.

That's all you ever meant to be.
You weren't supposed to feel for me.
We weren't allowed to kiss & touch,
Although we wanted to so much.
But you said no; your heart was true
To someone else who trusted you.
Just timing, darlin'.  That's what you said;
I heard you speak though I was dead.
Still breathing & moving & talking aloud,
But numb as a zombie, wrapped in a shroud.

You never meant to hurt me so.
You tried to make me let you go.
You knew you couldn't fill my need;
My love would only make me bleed.
But stronger than reason & fiercer than guilt
And deep, like a river that's choking with silt,
Something kept drawing me into your arms.
How could kisses so sweet do any harm?
But your silence & distance are long & they're cold,
And being so lonely was making me old.
I love you forever, but I'm dropping the torch,
And drinking good whisky on my new lover's porch.

I wrote this last one about a year later, after Jay & I were engaged.

Migratory Seabird

You held me in your arms, but you've never seen me dance.
I would've liked to known you better but we never got the chance.
We were ships in the night, petals on the wind,
And I don't know if we'll ever meet again.

Like a migratory seabird, floating high, cool & free,
With the wind at your back, looking out across the sea.
You were strange, sad, & lovely, & I wanted you to stay,
But like a bird, you spread your wings & flew away.

I've had you so little but I miss you so much.
A heart dead & frozen came alive at your touch.
But you were just passing through, you know lots of girls like me,
And there's so many fish in the sea.

Maybe someday you'll be looking for a sheltered place to roost,
When you're tired of Seattle or your ego needs a boost.
When you have some time to kill, or a little time to live,
Maybe someday you will want what I could give.

I'm not holding my breath, I'm not hanging on the line.
I got a man who truly loves me, a man who's really mine.
He loves to take me dancing, he holds me when I cry,
And he's not always saying goodbye.

So I think I'm going to marry him; his ring is on my hand.
And though he is not a famous singer in a band,
He is strong & true & here for me, & he loves me best of all.
But I'll see you when you pass through in the fall.