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October 2009

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     I sort of stumbled across her MySpace.  I was poking around the Tannahill Weavers page, checking out their Friends, when I saw this picture of a dragon head (dinosaur?), noticed the name and location, and thought "Hmm."
     Of course, I can never leave well enough alone, so I checked out her profile.  She's very cute, and ten years younger than me.  Which makes her twenty years younger than him!  That old coot!
     But her photos and blogs are disappointing.  Photographically, she seems obsessed with urinals and public urination.  And her blogs are really just forwards--no original material.  What's up with that?
     She looks nice, though.  And she posted a few good photos of him and he appears happy.  Or what passes for happy where he comes from.
    She also looks awfully familiar.  This is weird and a little supernatural, but I could swear I saw her at my wedding reception.  There was a woman at the barn party that night--a rather statuesque woman in a cotton knit sundress, with short dark hair.  She seemed to be by herself, but obviously having a good time.  Dancing, digging the band, catching my eye from time to time and giving me a big smile.  Of course, I was the bride, so lots of people were doing that.  But I noticed her, she stood out to me, and I remember thinking, sort of randomly and irrationally, "I wonder if that's her."  I just had this odd, whimsical impression that this mysterious woman at the barn party, who I'd never seen before and kept beaming at me, was Roy's girlfriend.  It made no sense and I pushed the thought aside, but it gnawed at me.
     And I swear, in these photos on her webpage, she looks like that woman at the barn.  I suppose it's possible.  I did send him an invitation.  He was touring at the time, I think, but theoretically she could have shown up.  To check me out and make sure I was safely hitched.  And to share my joy and wish me well, of course.
     It makes me like her a lot, to think she'd do that.  If she really had that kind of gumption and nerve, she might almost be worthy of him.
     I like to believe it was her, so I think I will.